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The Best Real Estate Deals Start with the Best Data

Property Genius is an end-to-end real estate research platform that streamlines the entire process of finding and investing in Off-market and Wholesale real estate.

Property Information

Property Genius streamlines real estate investment research by organizing massive amounts of detailed data from numerous sources within one convenient location.

Real Estate Research

Find the exact property you’re looking for and speed up the process of property valuation, evaluating neighborhood trends, and generating leads with a Property Genius’ easy-to-use platform.


Use Property Genius to search for both trustee and judicial foreclosures. From pre-foreclosure through auction, our data is incredibly reliable and will prove invaluable in turning your searches into profitable investments.


Once you’ve identified specific properties, use our mail merge function to create, monitor, and manage your direct mail campaigns, giving you more time to focus on closing.

Coverage Areas

Find detailed information on every property within our coverage area, with all manner of foreclosures and off-market investment properties included.

Property Genius currently has extensive data on properties located in Colorado, with a goal to rapidly expand our database to other regions. If you’re interested in Property Genius extending coverage to your area, let us know! States with eager investors are likely to be updated first.

If you have additional questions about Property Genius’ coverage, contact us today!

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