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22 Feb

That’s right! Real estate research just got a lot easier! Concurrent with the launch of the Property Genius platform, we’re rolling out our brand new website. We enlisted the help of Bonsai Media Group in designing and developing a site that looks great and does the majority of the legwork when it comes to explaining the breadth and depth of features included within the Property Genius platform. All in all, we’re thrilled with the results. Let’s dig into the different aspects of the new site so you know where to find the exact info you’re looking for.

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We firmly believe that the best real estate deals start with the best data. But, to acquire that data in a way that’s both timely and efficient enough to allow for prompt decision making requires the use of a specific set of tools. For a brief rundown of the real estate research functions provided by Property Genius, visit our home page.

Easily Find Property Information

Property Genius streamline your search by gathering and organizing massive amounts of real estate data from numerous sources.

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Simplified Real Estate Research

Speed up and simplify the process of property valuation, evaluating neighborhood trends, and generating leads.

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Faster Foreclosure Research

Forget outdated foreclosure listing services. Search for and quickly find both trustee and judicial foreclosures that meet your specifications.

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Real Estate Data

Property Genius provides data for assessors, foreclosures, and other off-market properties, carefully enhanced and impeccably organized.

Assessor Data

It’s absolutely critical for assessors to have access to complete real estate data. The most critical data for determining market value and its potential value are in-depth property characteristics. Don’t worry, we provide comprehensive assessor data in order to give you a complete understanding of the property and it’s potential.

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Foreclosure Data

With Property Genius you get complete, up-to-the-minute real estate data for both Trustee Sales and Sheriff Sales. Forget basic foreclosure filings; we enhance the data with status updates and minimum bids all the way from pre-foreclosure to the courthouse steps. You’ll never waste your time on the wrong prospects; if a foreclosure is canceled or postponed, its status is automatically updated in Property Genius.

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Off-Market Data

Use Property Genius’ Off-market data to find sellers before they have actively marketed the property. There are many key indicators that reveal if an owner has a high probability of selling. Property Genius organizes off-market data using these indicators, separating listings by location and property type, so that subscribers can easily create lists of viable off-market leads.

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Property Genius provides you with everything you need to optimize your foreclosure and off-market real estate campaigns. Let’s dig into these features.

Property Search Tool

Research properties and foreclosures that interest you. With our property search tool, you'll be able to precisely narrow your search by selecting your criteria from one characteristic to more than one hundred characteristics.

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Real Estate Marketing

Property Genius streamlines the entire process of targeting and marketing to property owners; pinpoint the best leads, create dedicated marketing lists and implement laser-targeted marketing campaigns, all with one integrated platform. Once you’ve identified your targets, use our mail merge function to create, monitor, and manage your direct mail campaigns with unprecedented efficiency and results.

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Real Estate CRM

A comprehensive real estate CRM; manage your searches, leads, marketing campaigns, and workflow. With Property Genius, finding, acquiring and nurturing off-market real estate leads and converting them to closing has never been easier.

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Property Data Tracking Feature

Accurate, up-to-the-minute real estate information. Property Genius will track your targeted properties from pre-foreclosure to auction.We obsessively track our foreclosure to maintain current status and minimum bids.

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Current Coverage Areas

Property Genius currently has data for properties located in Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. But, our goal is to expand our database to other cities, counties, and states. If you’re interested in Property Genius extending coverage to your area, let us know!

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