Real Estate Data

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The average American home

has 42.2% debt/ 57.8% equity in their homes

13.349 trillion

equity in homes across America

Foreclosure Data

Whether you are pursuing equity or short sale deals pre-foreclosure or actively bidding at auction, Property Genius is the most complete system with the most reliable foreclosure data available. We provide complete, up-to-the-minute real estate data for both Trustee Sales and Sheriff Sales, enhanced with status updates and minimum bids all the way through the foreclosure process, from pre-foreclosure to the courthouse steps. If a foreclosure is canceled or postponed, its status is updated in Property Genius, so you never spend your time targeting the wrong prospects.

Assessor Data

To be competitive in real estate, you need access to complete real estate data. The most critical data for determining property value are in-depth property characteristics. At Property Genius, we provide comprehensive assessor data that gives you a complete understanding of the property and it’s potential. All of our Data is impeccably organized and searchable in our Advanced Search function, enabling users to create highly refined marketing campaigns.

Off-Market Real Estate Data

Property Genius’ Off-Market Real Estate Data is perfectly organized and searchable, enabling you to find sellers before they have actively marketed the property. There are many key indicators that reveal if an owner has a high probability of selling. Property Genius organizes off-market data using these indicators, separating listings by location and property type, so that subscribers can easily create lists of viable off-market leads.

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