Assessor data (property details) are standardized and well categorized within Property Genius’ platform.

Property Genius’ assessor data provides unique value for market research, property valuation, information about the current owner, tax information, and sale history.

Standardized Data

Property Genius has greatly simplified your property comparisons by mapping and standardizing the data. Your data will automatically be put into a familiar, and easy to understand format, saving you valuable time and eliminating confusion when comparing and researching properties.

Unprecedented Accuracy

Property Genius eliminates the risk of incorrect data by going straight to the source. We’ve developed a system to import data directly from multiple county assessors to your device. Other data providers purchase and manually enter information acquired from third parties which causes a tremendous risk of errors. You don’t have time for that nonsense. With Property Genius, you can rest assured that our data is both accurate and current.

Parcel Viewer Function

Our parcel viewer function will quickly become one of your favorite and most valued tools. This exceptional feature provides an interactive map allowing you to locate and view any property including lot dimensions and boundary configurations. We also offer markers and measuring tools that are invaluable for tasks such as identifying building setbacks and the distance to utilities.

Use Property Genius Real Estate Assessor Data To:

  • Search for recent comparable sales
  • Identify owner occupancy status (absentee or occupied)
  • Access owner information including mailing address (extremely valuable if the owner is absentee)

Better Assessor Data

Access property sale history data, including deed transfers, then actively track that property’s sale price and value estimates. You can also access owner information, including mailing address, and search for and track properties with an absentee owner.

Comprehensive and Accurate

There is no other data source with the same accuracy and depth of information as Property Genius. Property Genius eliminates the risk of incorrect data by going straight to the source, acquiring accurate information directly from multiple assessors and importing it straight to your device.

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