Foreclosure real estate data

Easily Find Foreclosed Homes For Sale – Sheriff Sales & Trustee Sales

We understand how crucial it is for realtors and investors buying pre-foreclosures to have timely access to foreclosure filings. We also understand how critical it is for auction buyers to have timely access to the current status and minimum bid information. Property Genius provides both; we’re one of the only platforms offering tracked and updated foreclosure real estate data, making us the most complete foreclosure data service available. We offer data on both judicial and trustee foreclosure sales. You can easily scan multiple properties to sort and identify short sales and equity deals.

Pre-Auction and Foreclosure Inspections Simplified

We have a system that allows for a unique inspection report with easy mobile photo upload functionality for every property. Our inspection report tool has the most common property conditions pre-populated into a dropdown list. If our dropdown list doesn’t adequately describe the property, you can select the custom text field option and enter your particular information. We have made the data input process so simple that you can complete an entire inspection report onsite in just minutes, which saves you valuable time in turning these prospects into profits using Property Genius’ integrated marketing and CRM functions.

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