Off-Market Real Estate Data

Find Off-Market real estate deals and start farming qualified leads, all within Property Genius’ integrated platform. Property Genius’ data allows you to generate a mountain of off-market leads and connects you with highly motivated sellers. After selecting the property type and preferred location, learn relevant property owner details through our Advanced Search results. Then, use Property Genius’ powerful mail merge feature to create laser-targeted direct mail campaigns. Imagine using our data to identify hundreds of likely sellers on Monday, sending them a direct mail campaign letter on Tuesday, and working with 6-12 qualified sellers by the end of the week. If 6–12 qualified leads isn’t enough, simply increase your mailings. Response rates of 3–6% or better are possible with Property Genius.

Our Real Estate CRM is better than a personal assistant

Property Genius includes an integrated CRM to manage workflow and nurture leads from start to finish. Your workflow will be perfectly organized, allowing you to spend your time negotiating deals and closing transactions.

Our Data is Impeccably Organized

Maintaining a full pipeline of property owners on the cusp of selling requires reliable data and the ability to access that data. All of our property Data is carefully enhanced, impeccably organized, and searchable via hundreds of parameter. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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