Farming Foreclosure Leads Just Got a Lot Easier


16 Aug

If you have experience working with off-market real estate, or foreclosure in particular,  you know two things - 1) Information is everything, and 2) it can be incredibly difficult to acquire that information. Ultimately, the traditional route of finding viable foreclosure deals is time-consuming, tedious, and inefficient, but Property Genius is about to change all of that for you. Whether you’re an individual investor, or broker, or a massive company, you’ll stand to gain from the streamlined approach to farming foreclosure leads that Property Genius Provides.

Accurate, Up-to-the-Minute Information

In foreclosure real estate, sometimes the best deals arise and disappear before you know it. Deals can be made or unmade simply based on timing. When you’re spending hours sifting through foreclosure filings and assessor data, you can waste a lot of time. Property Genius does away with all of that, streamlining the entire process of farming foreclosure leads by first finding all of that information, and organizing it based on the data points that are of highest interest to those working in foreclosure real estate. What’s more - our data is consistently updated so your able to track the status of a property from pre-foreclosure all the way to auction, keeping tabs every step of the way. Remember, sometimes timing is everything, and with Property Genius you’re spending less time while also assessing information in near real-time.

Impeccably Organized Data

Here’s another thing you’re probably aware of if you work in foreclosure real estate: there are tons of off-market properties everywhere. Here’s another thing you already know - whether you’re a broker or a buyer, you know that not every property is of interest. In fact most properties probably don’t meet your ideal criteria. That’s the beauty of Property Genius’ platform - we provide the bank of data, all of which is searchable, and filterable in an incredibly familiar way. Property Genius enables you to find the exact property you’re looking, at the exact stage of foreclosure that is most viable for you. Not only will you increase leads in volume, you’ll increase the quality of those leads as well. If you’re interested in preforeclosures, whether they are equity or short sale, or even if you’re actively bidding at auction, Property Genius provides the most comprehensive platform for farming foreclosure real estate leads, with the most reliable foreclosure data available, for both Trustee Sales and Sheriff Sales, enhanced with status updates and minimum bids all the way through the process, from pre-foreclosure to the courthouse steps.

Ready to start saving mountains of time on finding the right foreclosure leads? Sign up for Property Genius today!  

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